Tool pull-out

When machining expensive parts, you only get one chance to do it right. Length alterations caused by tool pull-out can lead to serious workpiece damages.

secuRgrip - our solution

Choose your secuRgrip components

ER System

  • ER-SG collets for ER 32 - 40
  • For shank diameter 12 - 25.4 mm (h6 tolerance)

secuRgrip System

  • PG-SG collets for PG 15 - 32
  • For shank diameter 10 - 25.4 mm (h6 tolerance)

secuRgrip: How does it work?

Discover the 100 % pullout protection for ER and powRgrip

Customer success story

Process-proof manufacturing, 100% pullout protection

Discover why Franke Industrie AG, a worldwide player in the aerospace and power generation industry, ditched shrink-fit and switched to powRgrip to increase profitability.

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