intRlox for ER

Ever slipped off with the wrench while tightening the clamping nut?
Save yourself the scratches with the slip-off proof mini nut intRlox.

Key features of the Hi-Q/ERMX intRlox nut

  • Slip-off proof with self-locking profile
  • Special surface treatment for higher clamping force
  • Corrosion-resistant surface
  • Hi-Q/ERMXC intRlox suitable for our sealing disks (DS/ER) and coolant flush disks (KS/ER), suited for coolant pressures up to 150 bar
  • For ER collets in accordance with DIN 6499 / ISO 15488 (REGO-FIX ER standard and ER-UP), with microbore (ER-MB), metallic-sealed type collets (ER-DM), tapping collets (ER-GB and PCM ET1)
  • Suitable for mini nut thread pitch colletholders with fine thread
  • Square-socket drive on V-E MX extension available


  • Safe handling with slip-off proof design thanks to the patented intRlox profile
  • Slip-off proof design with all advantages of the regular mini clamping nuts
  • Easy and safe clamping with MX wrench, wrench head extensions for applications with little room for wrenches
  • Design is ideally suited for lathes and Swiss turning machines
  • Matching accessories available: wrench and extension combinations prevent slipping-off when changing tools in the machine
  • Very slim sizing proofs suitable for machines where space is limited

Our solution for smart guys

Safe machining is for everyone

Our mini clamping nut intRlox is a powerful, highly secure ER mini collet nut. With its slim profile, intRlox is ideally suited for Swiss automatic machine applications.