Dive into our rich past

The history of REGO-FIX

The history of REGO-FIX

Discover our Swiss origins and learn how we invented the original ER collet chuck.

  • 1950
    How it all began

    Fritz Weber founds the one-man company “Fritz Weber Feinmechanik und Werkzeugbau” in Reigoldswil, Switzerland. A broomholder was the first developed and serially manufactured product. It has shaped the company's history for many years.

    Top left: the REGO-FIX broom holder, to which the company owes its name. Bottom left: Fritz Weber in the 90s. Right: Fritz Weber checks the collet chuck quality.

  • 1955
    Forward with a clear vision

    The company is growing steadily and has now 15 employees. The construction of a new factory building creates additional workplaces and offers enough room for Fritz Weber's numerous machines.

    Left: employees at work. Right: the new workshop in Reigoldswil (BL).

  • 1958
    Successful beginnings

    Fritz Weber's tool making business was successful. Eager to always optimize production and increase efficiency, he invested his profits in the expansion of the machine park.

    A glance at the machinery.

  • 1965
    The Gyro Gearloose of Reigoldswil

    After the successful cheese cutting machine, the yoghurt bottling machine prooved to be the company's next success. A couple of years later, the company also manufactured bottling machines for gas.

    Employee stocks the yoghurt bottling machine with empty jars.

  • 1970
    Fritz Weber — businessman and visionary

    To invent and build machines has always been the great passion of Fritz Weber. In the 1960s, the company's second core business, mechanical engineering, was established.

    Convincing quality: the company provided maintaining services for its cheese cutting machines, up to forty years after the first machine was built.

  • 1972
    Innovation is simply part of his DNA

    Continuous growth in production and manpower, a stern determination and a truly innovative spirit leads to the invention of the ER collet chuck. The original ER collet chuck took the machining world by storm. With the DIN 6499 standardization twenty years later, the REGO-FIX ER collet became the industry standard. Today, the ER System is still the most used toolholding system worldwide.

  • 1973
    Inventor by heart

    “Fritz Weber Feinmechanik und Werkzeugbau” also built test baths for the spray can industry. These baths served as a serial quality control over the tightness of spray cans.

    Bottom left: Fritz Weber always lent a helping hand. At that time, there was still no forklift in the company and a finished test bath had to be loaded onto a truck with mere man force.

  • 1974
    Continuous development and improvement

    Since the groundbreaking invention of the ER clamping collet, the company has also developed matching accessories such as toolholders and clamping nuts. Fritz Weber had a keen eye for optimization potential and steadily developed new prototypes that met the growing customer demands.

    Overview of all clamping nuts developed and engineered by REGO-FIX.

  • 1975
    Sustainable business also means to nurture long-lasting partnerships

    The new ER collet enjoyed a great popularity and Fritz Weber was a most welcome guest at trade fairs and presentations. In the 1970s, the family began to set up a global sales network.That is when Mr. Takayama became a sales partner for Japan. To this day, Takayama Trading Co. is an important REGO-FIX sales partner.

    Fritz Weber attends the first EMO exhibition in 1975.

  • 1978
    100% commitment always

    Fritz Weber was a true entrepreneur at heart. He never missed an opportunity to present his products even in the unlikeliest circumstances.

    "Our father was very open-minded and was a real people person. One time he even struck a big business deal on a train on his way home from a trade show." - Stefan Weber, Owner.

    The famous ER sample box that Fritz Weber always carried with him.

  • 1983
    Driving technological innovations also in production

    At the beginning of the 1980s, REGO-FIX, as one of the first Swiss companies, acquired a CNC 4-axis lathe from Okuma, the renowned Japanese mechanical engineering company. This step was a technological milestone in our innovation timeline.

    Left: Again and again new machines were acquired, in order to be able to produce even faster and more precisely.

  • 1988
    Swiss precision meets American spirit

    Fritz Weber was always one step ahead of his time. In 1988, REGO-FIX founded its American branch office and successfully sold Swiss-made REGO-FIX ER collets in the American market.

    The former RFUS headquarters located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

  • 1992
    Living our brand also means living our family values

    Fritz Weber and his wife Elsbeth had a big heart for people. Every nock and cranny of their home and the workshop were made available for guest workers and their families. Even today, compassion and social responsibility are core corporate values.

    This wooden house was home to the company-owned kindergarten in the 1960s.

  • 1993
    Defining toolholding standards

    A true innovation turns industry standard: The ER collet chuck is standardized with DIN 6499.

  • 1996
    Time for expanding with a second location

    Thanks to good business revenue and steady additions to the machine park, the space conditions remained tense. As no further building land could be acquired in Reigoldswil, the company moved to Liestal as an additional production location.

    The company headquarters in Reigoldswil has been extended many times.

  • 1998
    New headquarters in Tenniken, Switzerland

    In 1998, both production sites were put together and new HQ was built in the nearby Tenniken. The production lines could be significantly shortened and the entire production optimized.

  • 2002
    powRgrip meets high machining demands

    The innovative technological accomplishment is reflected in the uniqueness of the tool clamping procedure in a demanding high-precision environment, as well as the persistence of the clamped
    toolholder. Thanks to the unique clamping method of the clamping unit PGU 9500, the clamped tools can be used in production quickly and safely.

    The clamping unit PGU 9500 won a Red Dot award for
    industrial design in 2015. The jury highlights the good usability and outstanding design
    of the machine.

  • 2006
    The second generation

    The company enters its second generation. The sons of company
    founder Fritz Weber take over the REGO-FIX group.

    From left to right: Andreas, Stefan and Richard Weber.

  • 2007
    Full steam ahead into the new Millennium

    In line with Fritz Weber's tradition, the company continued investing in the machine park and process optimization in the new millenium.

    Employees are assembling a new production machine.

  • 2012
    Sustainability is one of our core values

    Against all odds: countercyclical investments in modern manufacture processes improve production standards. More than double the production and storage space is now available at the HQ in Tenniken. Thanks to our sustainable architecture, we halved the overall energy consumption.

    New HQ extension in Tenniken, Switzerland

  • 2014
    Innovative solutions for cutting-edge toolholding

    The newly developed micRun system is, thanks to its ultra high-precision and its very good vibration damping, the ideal toolholding solution for micro applications. The product innovations reCool and secuRgrip make the REGO-FIX ER system an attractive and reliable choice for experts all around the world.

    REGO-FIX is a long-established solution provider
    for cutting-edge toolholding.

  • 2016
    We are REGO-FIX

    For more than 65 years, REGO-FIX has shaped the future of toolholding. The company is now refocusing on its core values and implement them in a new brand image. Our triangle is a promise to our employees, partners and customers and is a sign of our pursuit of toolholding excellence, innovative approaches and a sign of our passion for precision.

    The REGO-FIX triangle is our promise to you.

  • 2017
    Growing further in North-America

    The newly built RFUS headquarters houses expanded facilities for warehousing, technical support, and customer service.

    The current RFUS facilities in Whitestown, Indiana, USA

  • 2018
    REGO-FIX Switzerland Executive Management Board

    Extended management team of REGO-FIX AG in Tenniken, Switzerland, on January 1st 2018.

    From left to right: Pascal Forrer, Richard Weber, Stefan Weber, Urs Stephan

  • 2019
    Enhancing customer involvement

    Opening of the new Customer Experience area at the Swiss Headquarter offering wide hand-on experience with all REGO-FIX products.

    Showroom in the new Corporate Look of the company.

  • 2020
    Setting new standards

    Accredited by ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018, REGO-FIX is ready for a sustainable and successful future.

    Improving environmental performance thanks to defined standards.

  • 2022
    50th anniversary of the ER collet

    2022 marks the 50th anniversary of a revolutionary invention which can be found on thousands of machining centers today.

  • 2023
    Growing Globally

    The REGO-FIX Group has widened its presence and inaugurated multiple new subsidiaries (México, Brazil, Italy, India and Japan) in order to even better serve the local needs.

    Showrooms throughout the World to present our technology

  • 2024
    USA is growing

    Construction start of the new CME Center for Machining Excellence in Whitestown Indiana.

    Ground has been broken on the RFUS Center for Machining Excellence.

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