secuRgrip for ER

When machining expensive parts, you only get one chance to do it right. Length alterations caused by tool pull-out can lead to serious workpiece damages.

Form-fit for 100 % pullout protection

The secuRgrip threaded insert is designed to fit in any tool with a Weldon flat. This way you can use the tool of your choice. In combination with our ER secuRgrip collet, we offer the ultimate tool pullout protection at a competitive price. Avoiding length alterations caused by tool pullout results in improved process reliability and ultimately improves your overall machining productivity. Our secuRgrip solution is available for ER 32 and ER 40 – just the right sizes for rough machining.


  • No additional costs for replacing damaged tools, thanks to ER secuRgrip
  • No modification of the tool shank is required
  • Extra protection for worry-free machining, especially with expensive work pieces

Choose your secuRgrip components

ER System

  • ER-SG collets for ER 32 - 40
  • For shank diameter 12 - 25.4 mm (h6 tolerance)

powRgrip System

  • PG-SG collets for PG 15 - 32
  • For shank diameter 10 - 25.4 mm (h6 tolerance)

secuRgrip explained: how it works

Discover the 100 % pullout protection for your ER System