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REGO-FIX company video

REGO-FIX engineers and manufactures holistic toolholding systems that excel with extraordinary reliability, high precision and outstanding quality.

50th Anniversary of the ER Collet (1972- 2022)

Trust the Original from the Inventor and discover in the following movie the legacy of a company which changed an entire industry thanks to one man’s vision.

powRgrip - How it works

A quick look into the specifics of how the powRgrip system works. From core functions of the system to operation basics, this video dives into what makes powRgrip the fastest, safest high-performance toolholding system on the market.

Precision and Accuracy – REGO-FIX Measuring technology

Increase your process reliability and the quality of your production. That is why we offer high precision Measuring products.


The only tool assembly device in the market that is comfortable and safe to use with integrated torque measuring.