WTO QuickFlex®

Designed for the WTO QuickFlex® interface on live tools, our WTO-QF / MPHC floating chucks combine fast tool changes with top performance in reaming applications.
Features and benefits
Features and benefits

WTO partnership

All WTO-QF / PGST toolholders are designed and built in partnership with WTO to ensure the highest quality standards

Adjustable floating resistance

Continuously adjustable between auto-centering and free-floating. No restriction of the floating movement.

Adjustment for tool weight

Optimal setup by adjustment of floating resistance is possible.

Vertical and horizontal application

Adjustable self-centering keeps the tool at the center of the floating chuck, even in the horizontal position. Prevents chatter marks and extends tool life.

Combined ball- and friction-bearing

Combined ball and friction-bearing for easy floating: Ball bearing for smooth reaming at low load applications and friction-bearing to withstand high pressures at high load applications

Double sealing against dirt

Prevents coolant and chips from entering the floating chuck.

Excellent bore quality

Only parallel floatation of tool possible.


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WTO QF 25 11 Standard DXF_ISO13399 PDF_ISO13399 STP_DIN4003 8040.25115
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WTO QF 32 16 Standard DXF_ISO13399 PDF_ISO13399 STP_DIN4003 8040.32165