PHC-C floating chucks for coolant through tools

Compensate axis errors between the chuck and bore by using a self-centering floating chuck.
PHC-C with REGO-FIX CAPTO interface.
Features and benefits

 Adjustable floating resistance

Continuously adjustable between auto-centering and free-floating. No restriction of the floating movement.

 Adjustment for tool weight

Optimal setup by adjustment of floating resistance is possible.

 Vertical and horizontal application

Adjustable self-centering keeps the tool at the center of the floating chuck, even in the horizontal position. Prevents chatter marks and extends tool life.


 Combined ball- and friction-bearing

Combined ball and friction-bearing for easy floating: Ball bearing for smooth reaming at low load applications and friction-bearing to withstand high pressures at high load applications

 Double sealing against dirt

Prevents coolant and chips from entering the floating chuck.

 Excellent bore quality

Only parallel floatation of tool possible.

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PHC-C4 / ER 20
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Standard 4 20 Standard DXF_ISO13399 STP_DIN4003 XML_DIN4000 PDF 2804.92003
PHC-C4 / ER 32
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Standard 4 32 Standard DXF_ISO13399 STP_DIN4003 XML_DIN4000 PDF 2804.93203
PHC-C3 / ER 20
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Standard 3 20 Standard DXF_ISO13399 STP_DIN4003 XML_DIN4000 PDF 2803.92003