ISO 20 colletholders

Features and benefits
Features and benefits


The REGO-FIX ISO 20 colletholders are designed to work with the HAAS Office Mill. To utilize the full  potential of your machine, use the REGO-FIX brand of holders and collets to see the difference quality can achieve in your machining operations.



100% balanced to 40,000 rpm/<1gmm.

Matched tooling system for best fit

For highest precision and best results the whole system counts. Therefore REGO-FIX components are carefully matched for optimum fit and accuracy. This guarantees the best runout and balance.

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Title Form Interface size Norm size Length Style Drawings Part No Compare Get an offer
ISO 20 / ERM 16 x 053 HAAS
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HAAS 20 16 Standard DXF PDF STP 2420.11616
ISO 20 / ERM 20 x 055 HAAS
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HAAS 20 20 Standard DXF PDF STP 2420.12016
ISO 20 / ERM 11 x 048 HAAS
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HAAS 20 11 Standard DXF PDF STP 2420.11116

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