CYL GSF tapping holders

Thread-cutting solution for machines without a tapping option.
Features and benefits
Features and benefits
DIN 1835 B+E

CYL GSF tapping holder

With length compensation. For machines without a tapping option.


Used on machines in which the feed movement is not synchronized with the thread pitch during processing.

Difference compensation

Ensures the compensation of differences between the thread pitch and spindle feed.


Pressure-point mechanism. Safe tap cutting. Uniform, reproducible thread depths.

Cooling possibilities

Guides coolant with up to 50 bar of pressure to the tap, without compromising length compensation.

Universal use

Universal use thanks to its compact design and low gauge length.

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Title Form Interface size Norm size Length Style Drawings Part No Compare Get an offer
CYL 25 GSF / ERMC 20
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Standard 25 20 Standard DXF PDF STP 2625.62001
CYL 25 GSF / ERC 32
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Standard 25 32 Standard DXF PDF STP 2625.63201

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