Automotive shank colletholders SH

Features and benefits
DIN 6327-C

Automotive shank colletholders with trapezoidal thread are supplied with a setting nut. With this type of colletholder, ER, ER-GB and PCM ET1 collets can be used.

Special applications

A quick-change setting nut according to system BILZ is available as an option. This option must be ordered separately. When extra high clamping force is needed, e.g., when tapping with ER-GB , we recommend the use of our friction-bearing clamping nuts Hi-Q / ERB and Hi-Q / ERBC.

Save time with our quick-change setting nut

A quickchange nut 'System Bilz' is  separately available.

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Title Form Interface size Norm size Length Style Drawings Part No Compare Get an offer
SH 28 x 083 / ER 25
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Standard 28 25 Standard XML_DIN4000 DXF PDF STP 2628.12504
SH 20 x 076 / ER 20
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Standard 20 20 Standard XML_DIN4000 DXF PDF STP 2620.12004
SH 16 x 073 / ER 16
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Standard 16 16 Standard XML_DIN4000 DXF PDF STP 2616.11604
SH 12 x 050 / ER 11
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Standard 12 11 Standard XML_DIN4000 DXF PDF STP 2612.11104