Designed for rotating applications, all our PG ATC colletholders are suited for micro applications where consistent performance is key.
Features and benefits
Features and benefits

 Total system runout TIR ≤3 μm @ 3 x D

Our holistic system consists of a powRgrip colletholder and collet. All components together ensure best runout and accuracy.

 Colletholder runout TIR ≤1 μm

Measured from collet cavity to outer taper.

 Surface finish max. Ra 0.25

Achieve high clamping force and high transferable torque.


100% balanced G 2.5 @ 25,000 rpm/<1gmm.

 Vibration dampening

Our holders offer a good vibration dampening to sustain a high surface finish and can prevent cutting force alterations.

 Designed for micro machines

Highest precision fpr the watchmaking and medical industry

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ATC-E 15 / PG 6 x 034
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E 15 6 DXF_ISO13399 PDF_ISO13399 STP_DIN4003 XML_DIN4000 2915.70600