ATC toolholders

Designed for rotating applications, all our PG ATC colletholders are suited for micro applications where consistent performance is key.
Features and benefits
Features and benefits

 Total system runout TIR ≤3 μm @ 3 x D

Our holistic system consists of a powRgrip colletholder and collet. All components together ensure best runout and accuracy.

 Colletholder runout TIR ≤1 μm

Measured from collet cavity to outer taper.

 Surface finish max. Ra 0.25

Achieve high clamping force and high transferable torque.


100% balanced G 2.5 @ 25,000 rpm/<1gmm.

 Vibration dampening

Our holders offer a good vibration dampening to sustain a high surface finish and can prevent cutting force alterations.

 Designed for micro machines

Highest precision fpr the watchmaking and medical industry

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ATC-E 15 / PG 6 x 034
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E 15 6 DXF_ISO13399 PDF_ISO13399 STP_DIN4003 XML_DIN4000 2915.70600