Threaded insert for powRgrip secuRgrip.
PG Features and benefits

Full protection where you need it

The secuRgrip threaded insert is designed to fit in any tool with a Weldon flat. This way you can use the tool of your choice.


No additional modifications needed

PG secuRgrip is available for all standard tools with Weldon flat (10 – 25.4 mm).

Ultimate tool pullout protection

In combination with our PG secuRgrip collet, we offer the ultimate tool pullout protection at a competitive price.

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Title Ø [Inch] Ø [mm] Drawings Part No Compare Get an offer
SGI Ø 3/4“
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3/4" DXF PDF STP 7694.19050
SGI Ø 1“
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1" DXF PDF STP 7694.25400
SGI Ø 25.0 mm
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25.00 DXF PDF STP 7694.25000
SGI Ø 1/2“
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1/2" DXF PDF STP 7694.12700
SGI Ø 5/8“
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5/8" DXF PDF STP 7694.15880
SGI Ø 16.0 mm
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16.00 DXF PDF STP 7694.16000
SGI Ø 20.0 mm
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20.00 DXF PDF STP 7694.20000
SGI Ø 18.0 mm
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18.00 DXF PDF STP 7694.18000
SGI Ø 10.0 mm
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10.00 DXF PDF STP 7694.10000
SGI Ø 14.0 mm
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14.00 DXF PDF STP 7694.14000
SGI Ø 12.0 mm
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12.00 DXF PDF STP 7694.12000