Hi-Q / MRC

Hi-Q / MRC clamping nuts for coolant through tools with sealing or coolant flush disk.
Features and benefits
Features and benefits


MR 16 – MR 32

Quiet machining

The grooveless micRun Hi-Q clamping nuts lower noise levels.

Cooling available

Achieve internal cooling with our sealing disks or peripheral cooling with our coolant flush disks.


Optimal balancing for high-speed applications.


Higher transferable torque

Lower frictional forces resulting in up to 80 % higher gripping force over standard nontreated clamping nuts.

Collet-locking system (pat. pend.)

Retains collet in nut for easier assembly. Further, no tool is needed to remove the collet.

Strongest clamping

A fine thread instead of a ball bearing together with a low friction design make our micRun Hi-Q clamping nuts one of the best high-precision clamping nuts on the market.

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Title Norm size AØ [mm] B height [mm] C [Thread] Drawings Part No Compare Get an offer
Hi-Q / MRC 32
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32 50.00 36.80 DXF_ISO13399 PDF_ISO13399 STP 3632.20000
Hi-Q / MRC 16
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16 28.00 28.10 DXF_ISO13399 PDF_ISO13399 STP 3616.20000
Hi-Q / MRC 25
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25 40.00 30.50 DXF_ISO13399 PDF_ISO13399 STP 3625.20000