Hi-Q/ ERAX clamping nuts with external thread and slip-off proof profile.
Features and benefits
Features and benefits


ER 11 – ER 40


Compatible with all REGO-FIX ER collets.

Slip-off proof


Surface protection




For REGO-FIX floating chucks and other ER colletholders with internal thread, e.g., ERA holders. These nuts can also be used on driven tools with internal threads. Space-saving design for ideal use on long-turning machines.

Minimal outer diameter


Suitable wrenches


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Title Norm size AØ [mm] B height [mm] C [Thread] Drawings Part No Compare Get an offer
Hi-Q / ERAX 32
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32 9.80 M 40 x 1,5 DXF PDF STEP 3332.60000
Hi-Q / ERAX 40
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40 11.70 M 50 x 1,5 DXF PDF STEP 3340.60000
Hi-Q / ERAX 20
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20 8.50 M 28 x 1,5 DXF PDF STEP 3320.60000
Hi-Q / ERAX 25
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25 8.80 M 32 x 1,5 DXF PDF STEP 3325.60000
Hi-Q / ERAX 11
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11 7.50 M 18 x 1 DXF PDF STEP 3311.60000
Hi-Q / ERAX 16
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16 7.60 M 24 x 1 DXF PDF STEP 3316.60000

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