Tool adapter for TORCO-BLOCK

Fast and accurate tool assembly with TORCO-BLOCK.
Features and benefits
Features and benefits

TORCO-BLOCK advantages

Use any wrench and still be able to correctly measure tightening torque. Toolholder will not be overtorqued. Minimal effort for toolclamping needed. Correct tightening torque guaranteed, no bad runout due to overtorquing.

Tool adapter for TORCO-BLOCK

Adapters are available in all standard spindle interfaces.

Easy and quick toolholder and handling

Quick-change function for different taper interfaces with only one 4 mm Allenkey within seconds.

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Filter by properties

Title Interface Interface Size* Drawings Part No Compare Get an offer
TB / HSK 100 & BT50
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HSK, BT HSK 100, BT 50 7816.00500
TB / HSK 63 & C6 & BT 40
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HSK, CAPTO, BT HSK 63, C6, BT 40 7816.63500
TB / HSK 50 & C5
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HSK, CAPTO 50, C5 7816.50500
TB / HSK 40 & C4
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HSK, CAPTO 50, C5 7816.40500
TB / HSK 32 & C3
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HSK, CAPTO 32, C3 7816.32500
TB / HSK 25
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HSK 25 7816.25500
TB / SK 50
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SK 50 7816.50200
TB / SK 40 & CAT 40
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SK, CAT 40 7816.40200
TB / BT 30 & CAT 30
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BT, CAT 30 7816.30100
TB / CAT 50
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CAT 50 7816.50300
TB / SK 30
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SK 30 7816.30200

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