Main body for TORCO-BLOCK

Fast and accurate tool assembly with TORCO-BLOCK.
Features and benefits
Features and benefits

TORCO-BLOCK advantages

Use any wrench and still be able to correctly measure tightening torque. Minimal effort for toolclamping needed. Correct tightening torque guaranteed, no bad runout due to overtorquing.

TORCO-BLOCK base block

TORCO-BLOCK allows easy and safe tool assembly. The built-in gauge does not require torque wrenches, nor tables with the corresponding torques values.


TORCO-BLOCK components

The TORCO-BLOCK tool assembly unit consists of three components: the base block, indicator rings and adapter for the required spindle interfaces.

Included in delivery

TORCO-BLOCK comes with five indicator rings. They cover micRun sizes from MR 11 to MR 32 for shaft diameters from 1 to 22 mm.

Order adapter separately

Adapters are available in all standard spindle Interfaces.




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