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Striving for Excellence

While REGO-FIX strives to be at the pinnacle of high-quality products, our employees sometimes seek a different kind of summit in their personal lives.


REGO-FIX recently accompanied one of our employees on their trip to Dhaulagiri, the seventh highest mountain in the world. Dhaulagiri, which stands at 8’167 meters, is located in the Nepalese section of the Himalayan mountain range.

The time frame for the expedition is 29 days, with checkpoints set up at three base camps through the help of the Sherpas of Nepal. Our journey to the summit begins in Kathmandu!

Camp 1, our first checkpoint, lies across the Myangdi glacier. From camp 1, we then travel through additional glacier slopes until we reach the second checkpoint, camp 2. After a brief respite, we begin our ascent to the final checkpoint through the Himalayan sky ladder. Climbing to a height of nearly 7’350 meters, we reach camp 3, which is set up at the foot of a small rock.

The final trek to the summit leads us over a snow bank, which rises to an altitude of about 8’000 meters. After taking time to appreciate the breathtaking view at the summit, we must begin our return journey back down the mountain.

REGO-FIX is proud to have the opportunity to motivate and support our employees in not only their professional goals, but their private goals as well.

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