secuRgrip colletholders C/PG-SG

Achieve 100 % pullout protection thanks to our form-fit secuRgrip holders.
Features and benefits
Features and benefits

Form and force-fitting clamping system

Tools and collets are 100% secured against tool pull-out, making secuRgrip your safety net for successful machining. In high performance cutting (HPC), the tool can pull out of the clamping system during the milling operation and damage the workpiece. We developed the secuRgrip locking system for operators who want to avoid any pull-out.

Process security

Optimize your machining productivity by securing your processes

Ready for use

Our secuRgrip solution fits all standard tools with endmill flat according to DIN 6535-HB (metric). This means, that no special tool shank form is required.

secuRgrip system elements

secuRgrip threaded insert, secuRgrip toolholder with thread, secuRgrip PG 15-SG, PG 25-SG or PG 32-SG collet

Included in delivery

Included in delivery: secuRgrip colletholder with secuRgrip safety nut. Please order PG-SG collets and accessories separately.

Get your powRgrip products

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Title Form Interface size Norm size Length Style Drawings Part No Compare Get an offer
C8 / PG 25-SG x 092
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Standard 8 25 Standard DXF_ISO13399 PDF_ISO13399 STP_DIN4003 5808.72540
C8 / PG 32-SG x 090
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Standard 8 32 Standard DXF_ISO13399 PDF_ISO13399 STP_DIN4003 5808.73240
C6 / PG 32-SG x 090
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Standard 6 32 Standard DXF_ISO13399 PDF_ISO13399 STP_DIN4003 5806.73240
C6 / PG 25-SG x 100
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Standard 6 25 Standard DXF_ISO13399 PDF_ISO13399 STP_DIN4003 5806.72550

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