Tool clamping system improves manufacturing of high-end products from the medical technology sector

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Tool clamping system improves manufacturing of high-end products from the medical technology sector

The powRgrip system has impressed in Hagen at A.K. Tek GmbHwith its precision, its positive influence on the tool life and the surface quality achieved.

09 February 2016

Medical technology combines the professional medical knowledge of physicians with the know-how from high-end manufacturing technology. At REGO-FIX on the other hand we are concerned with the knowledge necessary for handling the tricky requirements in the production of the smallest of components. A.K. TEK GmbH Medizintechnik work in this sector and rely on the unique Swiss tool clamping system.


In order to be able to continue to assert themselves in the future as a German manufacturer in medical technology and precision engineering in the international marketplace, an increase in productivity is essential whilst simultaneously maintaining this superb quality. One of the most important factors with such a challenge is being able to rely on the most up-to-date manufacturing technology. For this reason, A.K. TEK GmbH Medizintechnik use exclusively Swiss precision machinery for turning and milling as well as the efficient powRgrip tool clamping system from REGO-FIX. Extensive testing has already confirmed the excellent characteristics of this tool clamping system. "We have already been working very successfully with the powRgrip system for the last four years. Our expectations for improvements in tool life and surface quality as well as significantly shorter unit times in some places have been more than fulfilled", explains Uwe Böse, Head of production and industrial master-metalworker. "The rotational speeds and feed rates could also be increased by up to 40% with the same tools and with better surface qualities and increased tool life"


powRgrip works as follows: The collet is clamped up to the stop in the tool holder using the automatic powRgrip clamping unit and with a hydraulic pressure of up to nine tonnes. This extends the holder, and the high clamping force is created by the material elasticity. When clamping, the tool is inserted in the collet and this is inserted in the tool holder. The holder is inserted into the powRgrip clamping unit, it's started and ready to go!


The advantages offered by powRgrip, are diverse:

powRgrip saves time: Tools are clamped in less than 10 seconds - without warming up!

High performance system: Combination of =3-µ concentricity (T.I.R.) and clamping force up to 1,000 Nm

Exhibits high vibration dampening thanks to two interfaces – holder/collet and collet/tool

No signs of wear: Holding force and concentricity after 20,000 tool changes same as on the first day

High flexibility: For shank diameters from 0.2 to 25.4 mm. Clamping of all shank shapes and materials

Length presetting: Repetitive accuracy =10 µm.


powRgrip has proven itself to be very effective at A.K. TEK. Enormous progress has been made simply through the replacement of the tool clamping system with the REGO-FIX system. "The powRgrip concentricity (T.I.R.) of 0.002 mm in the complete system and the clamping force have been reliably constant throughout the complete period of use. The cutting edges of the solid carbide tools wear absolutely evenly", explains Uwe Böse. "In addition, the significant increase in service life, the manufacturing reliability and the continuously good production results are to be commended."


Furthermore, thanks to powRgrip the annual tooling costs at A.K. TEK have also been reduced by up to ca. 30%. Precisely because very expensive special tools are generally used in Hagen, there can be significant cost savings which can quickly amortise the investment costs. In addition, the tools can be replaced in half the time with powRgrip compared to the system previously used. This is another factor that made a positive impact on the conclusion: "We very much value the system from REGO-FIX. It is ideal for a production system that has been tailored to meet the quality of high-end parts for medical equipment", summarises Michael Arndt. "Our goal is to remove the workpiece from the machine without there being a need for laborious rework and grinding procedures, which cause undesired edge rounding. With the powRgrip system we have come amazingly close to this goal and in doing so have been able to increase the efficiency of the complete manufacturing chain."

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