REGO-FIX wins Red Dot Award 2015

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REGO-FIX wins Red Dot Award 2015

With its sophisticated design and its simple usability the automatic clamping unit PGU 9500 – made by Rego-Fix convinced the Red Dot jury. Within the category of industry, machinery and robotics, the PGU 9500 won a Red Dot Award 2015 “Honourable Mention”, a revered international seal for outstanding design quality.

08 April 2015

The international jury consisting of renowned design experts under the creative direction of Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, assessed the submitted products according to different criteria such as degree of innovation, functionality, handling, durability, ecological compatibility and clarity of function.

Heat-free tool clamping has never been easier

The innovative technological accomplishment is reflected in the uniqueness of the tool clamping procedure in a demanding high-precision environment, as well as the persistence of the clamped tool holder.

Thanks to the unique clamping method of PGU 9500, the clamped tools can be used in production quickly and safely. The very precise concentricity and optimum vibration dampening of powRgrip® increase tool life and save time and money.

Tool clamping has never been easier: After the operator has placed the tool holder and tool in the automatic clamping unit PGU 9500, the clamping unit automatically detects how the tool needs to be clamped and which parameters are required for successful clamping. The operator presses only one button and the PGU 9500 clamps the tool and in less than 10 seconds it is ready for use.

The advanced technology – tool clamping without heat – not only increases the work safety for the user, but also reflects the ecological thinking of Rego-Fix, which manifests itself – among other things – through low energy consumption during the tool clamping.


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