Product innovation micRun® – High Precision Clamping System

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Product innovation micRun® – High Precision Clamping System

micRun High-precision clamping system an overall system accuracy of = 3 µm at 3xD – Optionally: Applicable with inner cooling (sealing disk) or Peripheral cooling (flush disk)


17 March 2014

Continuous progress in the clamping industry is supported by a highly precise toolholding system. That's why REGO-FIX developed the micRun high-precision clamping system. The micRun offers an overall system accuracy of = 3 µm at 3 x D and is an additional development in the REGO-FIX’s ER System. Collet toolholding systems continue to be the most affordable, flexible and thus popular solutions for clamping tools.


Flexible application

With the option of clamping up to 16 different tool diameters in the same holder, the micRun system achieves maximum flexibility with the best possible runout.
The micRun system is available in sizes MR 11, 16, 25 and 32 and can be used to clamp tool shanks with diameters from 1.0 to 20.0 mm. The high-precision collets are designed with a nominal diameter and an h11 tolerance. In addition, for cooling applications with the high-precision clamping nuts, REGO-FIX’s sealing disks can be used for internal cooling or the REGO-FIX coolant flush disks can be used for peripheral cooling. The system can be used with a coolant pressure of up to 150 bar.

High precision

A higher clamping force is created by the special coating of the rotationally symmetric clamping nut. The excellent vibration-damping characteristics of the overall system are achieved by the different modulus of elasticity of the components (holder, collet and clamping nut). All individual parts are finely balanced. The overall precision of the micRun system leads to increased tool life and improved surface quality. The precision runout also protects the machine spindle, thus reducing maintenance costs.


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