EMO Hannover 2017

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EMO Hannover 2017

Sadly it is already over again - the world's most prestigious trade exhibition for the metalworking industry: EMO in Hanover 2017 has closed its doors.


From September 18 to September 23, 2017, approximately 130,000 visitors visited the EMO in Hanover. More than 2200 exhibitors presented their products to an international specialist audience, including REGO-FIX.

REGO-FIX was able to inspire its visitors with the motto «easy tool-clamping»:


TORCO-BLOCK, the latest innovation from REGO-FIX, celebrated its premiere at the EMO 2017. The simple and safe tool assembly device convinced visitors at the stand.


Another highlight were powRgrip® and «venturion 600» from Zoller. It is the perfect couple for automatic adjustment, measurement and clamping. The tool clamping and adjustment ensures maximum part quality and economy in production.


The reCool® demo unit rounded the presentation of REGO-FIX off. reCool® is the cost-effective way to convert a driven tool, within two minutes, from flood cooling to internal cooling.


After EMO, is before EMO: REGO-FIX is looking forward to next exciting, stimulating and interesting discussions: from 16 to 21 September 2019 at the EMO in Hanover.


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