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ER Collets

The REGO-FIX standard ER collet is the most widely used clamping system in the world. Originally created and patented in 1973 by REGO-FIX, it is ideal for a variety of machining applications including boring, milling, reaming, tapping and grinding. Unlike the Form A nominal diameter collets, Form B collets have a wide clamping range. With a short design profile and greater elasticity, the ER Form B collet offers tighter precision than competitor's collets when used with the REGO-FIX system.

We offer a variety of sizes starting at ER 8 through ER 50.  This broad selection of ER collets can accurately clamp tool shanks ranging from .5mm (.0197") up to 34mm (1.3386") at the largest.  Look for the on the top of your collet and be assured that you have a quality, Swiss Precision REGO-FIX product.

ER Collets are available in standard (ER) and ultra precision (ER-UP) accuracies.  Please see Concentricity (ER vs. ER-UP) for details.

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